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Film, TV, TVC, Web Series, Entertainment and any Media insurance. Galvaniize Insurance has Australia’s most experienced Film, TV, TVC and Media insurance adviser team and a unique seven day insurance advice line. We are not agents of any Insurer, we work in our Insured’s best interests at all times.

Office locations are set up around Australia so you have the ability to use the services of Galvaniize Insurance no matter if your production is in WA, QLD, SA, VIC, ACT, &/or NSW.

It doesn’t matter what style of production company you are or the style of production you create. We will provide you with a comprehensive tailored  and cost effective insurance solution – short term, annual basis or beyond – Australia or Worldwide.

We certainly welcome a phone call to discuss your needs and would be delighted to assist you with any Film, TV, TVC, web-series, entertainment and any media insurance you may need.




不管您是什么样的影视制作公司或您的影视制作是什么样的风格,我们将为您提供全面的、具有成本效益的保险解决方案 – 不论短期、年度或其它时效 – 不论澳大利亚还是全球。



No matter the style of production you create, which could be for one or multiple platforms of distribution (including but not limited to Cinema, TV, Smartphones, Web, etc.), Galvaniize Insurance will provide you with a comprehensive and cost effective Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance solution.

Each project may have specified contractual requirements stipulated by your investors, financiers, distributors and/or broadcasters, so each project should be assessed carefully to ensure you fulfill your obligations.

Galvaniize Insurance can provide:

  • An E&O policy from three (3) to five (5) years for project specific policy.
  • A tailored annual Production company E&O policy, subject to a conversation to discuss the production company’s style and their contract obligations.
  • An E&O policy, which may require an alternative currency other than AUD. The alternative currencies may be USD, EURO, GBP and NZ.

Also some producers may not be aware that during the E&O insurance process (to establish full cover under the policy) you will need to engage a specialised Media / Entertainment lawyer.

David (Dave) McEwan is your main contact for this class of insurance. He always welcomes a phone call to discuss your needs and would be delighted to assist you on this specialised class of insurance.





  • 针对项目具体政策,从三(3)年到五(5)年的E&O保险单。
  • 定制的年度制作公司E&O保险单,需要通过对话讨论制作公司的风格及合同义务。
  • 可能需要澳元以外的替代货币的E&O保险单。 替代货币可能是美元、欧元、英镑和新西兰元。


David(Dave) McEwan是这类保险的主要联系人。他欢迎您来电讨论您的需求,并很乐意在此专业保险类别方面为您提供帮助。


Content / Production Media (formerly known as Negative Film Risk) insurance is available to protect the budget from additional production costs or the costs incurred as a result of the production being abandoned or delayed, arising from the loss of data, stolen data, corrupt data or destruction of data.

This class of insurance forms part of most Film & TV financiers contractual requirement. It is essential insurance, re-shooting a day or week or more may be thousands and can be millions, depending on the budget size.

Galvaniize Insurance welcomes a call to discuss how to best structure this class of insurance for you. The needs of an advertising agency versus the one off feature film is completely different.






Film Producers Indemnity is a specialised class of insurance, which is essential insurance for any production relying on key personnel or talent to deliver a finished project. If the key personnel or talent is seriously injured or ill (worse case scenario dies) causing a delay or abandonment then the financial impact is catastrophic and cannot be budgeted for, but the good news is it can be protected by way of insurance.

This class of insurance is a contractual requirement by most Film & TV financiers to minimise losses.

David (Dave) McEwan is your main Galvaniize Insurance adviser for this class of insurance and he welcomes a call to discuss your production in greater detail.

电影制作人损失补偿保险 (演员/关键人员)



David (Dave) McEwan是这类保险您的主要GALVANiiZE保险顾问,他欢迎您来电就您的制作进行详谈。


Galvaniize Insurance has comprehensive and cost effective public liability insurance solutions for the Australian & New Zealand Film & Entertainment industry. Solutions for the large production company, the small production company, the stunt person, the band, the miscellaneous contractors, the lighting crew, the volunteers, the students, etc. etc. The list could go on and on.

The public liability section of cover is by far the most popular of all Film & Entertainment insurance and is a standard requirement to conduct business at the office and/or the location (Australia Wide or Worldwide).

The Film & Entertainment Public Liability policy has some slightly unique aspects of cover when compared to your general insurance public liability policies. Sadly people don’t realise until they have a claim. Ultimately the policy is designed to provide protection to the production & entertainment companies from your legal liability at law for death and/or bodily injury suffered by third parties and/or damage to third party property caused by the negligence of your employees whilst carrying out your business activities.

Public Liability insurance is a must have for any Film, TV, Theatre and Entertainment Production Company including its industry contractors. This class of insurance is very easy and simple to arrange with Geographical Limits available from Australia wide to Worldwide.






EQUIPMENT (Electrical, Instruments, Cameras, etc.)

Galvaniize Insurance can easily arrange comprehensive loss and/or damage insurance cover for any hired, owned, borrowed, leased;

  • Musical Instruments;
  • Film/TV/Entertainment Equipment (cameras, lighting, etc.);
  • Props, Sets & Wardrobe.

The Insurance can be arranged for Premise/Location Risk only and/or Australia Wide and/or Worldwide. It all depends on the production/event requirements.

This comprehensive loss & or damage cover can be arranged via an annual policy (tailored to your company needs) or a One Off Short Term policy. Upon request cover can be extended to include hazardous activities from moving vehicles, helicopters, boats, underwater, etc.

The insurance skill set of Galvaniize Insurance can provide comprehensive insurance for individuals to large hire and/or retail companies within the Film & Entertainment industry. Call or Email us and we will gladly review your insurance program and see how we can make an improvement.



  • 乐器;
  • 电影/电视/娱乐设备(摄影机,照明设备等);
  • 道具、场景和服装。





Galvaniize Insurance can easily arrange comprehensive loss and/or damage insurance cover for any hired, owned, borrowed, leased office contents.

The Insurance can be arranged for Premise/Location Risk only and/or Australia Wide and/or Worldwide.

This comprehensive loss & or damage cover can be arranged via an annual policy (tailored to your company needs) or a One Off Short Term policy.






Galvaniize Insurance can easily arrange comprehensive loss and/or damage insurance cover for any hired, owned, borrowed, leased Props, Sets and Wardrobes.

The Insurance can be arranged for Premise/Location Risk only and/or Australia Wide and/or Worldwide.

This comprehensive loss & or damage cover can be arranged via an annual policy (tailored to your company needs) or a One Off Short Term policy.




The Money section of cover is designed to provide cover for the production companies “cash/money”.

The cover does not extend to the “Personal” cash/money.

Each insurers policy conditions and exclusions vary for this section of cover, so please ensure you review the applicable policy wording carefully and ensure your production risk management procedures adhere to those conditions.




Extra expense is the most underrated section of the film pack insurance policy and is often the key to recouping losses in many claims. Often the extent of it’s cover is misunderstood, so it is not purchased or the limit purchased is simply not high enough.

Any producer working for an advertising agency or working on a large feature film who do not buy this section of cover, may certainly be looking at losses in to the thousands if a claim did occur.

Galvaniize Insurance welcomes a call to discuss this class of insurance and how cost effectively you can utilize the cover in your insurance program either by an annual policy or project by project.




Consideration should be given to the following classes of insurance too during a production (from Pre-Production to the End of Post Production):

  • Annual or Short Term comprehensive Vehicle Insurance. YES including

    Trucks, Motorhomes, Motorbike, Cars (Classic, Prestige High Performance, etc.);

  • Tailored Personal Accident insurance for your employees, contractors and even your volunteers;
  • Annual or Short Term Aviation Hull & Liability Insurance;
  • Political Risks Insurance – Project specific involving international filming;
  • Animal Illness/Death/Injury Insurance;
  • Kidnap & Ransom Insurance;
  • Annual or Short Term Marine Hull & Liability insurance;
  • Annual & Short Term Travel Insurance for domestic and international travel;
  • Management Liability (including Directors Liability, Statutory Liability and Employment Practices Liability) insurance.

Galvaniize Insurance have the ability to design film & entertainment insurance products to meet your production needs.

We certainly welcome a call to discuss your production in greater detail.

National Phone: 1300 088 008

International Callers: +612 888 00 77 0



  • 年度或短期综合车辆保险;
  • 为您的员工、承包商甚至您的志愿者量身定制的个人意外保险;
  • 年度或短期航空机体与责任保险;
  • 政治风险保险 – 涉及国际拍摄的项目;
  • 动物疾病/死亡/伤害保险;
  • 绑架保险;
  • 年度或短期船舶机体和责任保险;
  • 国内和国际旅行的年度和短期旅行保险;
  • 管理责任(包括董事责任、法定责任和雇佣责任)保险。



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